Aquabot Junior Pool Cleaner Review

If you are a pool owner you know that maintaining it clean is not an easy job, unless you have an automatic pool cleaner. You just set them up and they do all the work that is needed for your cleaned pool. Today I will talk about Aquabot Pool Rover Junior automatic cleaner which can help you to clean your pool, so it will shine. You will find out what are the features of this model which makes it good. You will also find something about the type and brand of Aquabot Junior pool cleaner. I have also found a video about a customer using and commenting about Aquabot Junior which you can find at the end.

aquabot junior pool cleaner

Quick Info:

Name: ABJR Aquabot Junior
Type: Robotic Pool Cleaner
Price: Check here for price!
Rating: 4.0
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Let’s first move to the type of the cleaner. Aquabot Junior is a robotic automatic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners are the most advanced ones and are different from the traditional suction side and pressure side pool cleaners. They are very easy to set up. What we need to do is just plug them in the outlet which has to be GFCI protected and put them into the pool. They will take for debris and dirt. They will move and clean the pool’s floor, walls and stars. What is also great is that we don’t need an extra booster pump. They are also separated from the pool filter system, so there is no need to worry about clogging the pool filter system. All the dirt goes straight to the inner filter.

The brand who is producing this great machine is called Aquabot. Aquabot is a company founded it the USA which has presented the first robotic pool cleaner in 1982. Their main mission is to make people happier while using the pool. They are searching for new things which will help people to have pools more clean and healthy. They say they are the keepers of pure.

Product Features

  • To use it, you don’t need any hoses or vacuum poles.
  • It’s a cleaner which uses little the energy and it performs great while cleaning the pool.
  • You can use it separately from the pool system filter because it has an internal pump and filtration system.
  • It has an internal microprocessor which helps that the cleaner moves all around your pool to clean all the debris and dirt.
  • It can remove really small dirt and debris even 10 times smaller parts which most main filters cannot remove.
  • You can use it for pools up to 40 feet with any pool shape.
  • It has a motor which is made for long life. It meets the highest safety standards for power supply.

What do I think Aquabot Junior ABJR cleaner?

This automatic pool cleaner takes part at Aquabot robotic pool cleaner’s brand, which are producing just high-quality models to make people enjoy their time in the pool. This cleaner is easy to use and has a great design, so looking at it clean your pool will make you happy. Especially after it will do his job. It’s also energy efficient which will reduce the cost of your bills.

The machine at work!

Here is the video I mentioned at the beginning. Take a look at Aquabout Junior robotic pool cleaner at work and what the women say about it.

Aquabot Jr. Robotic Pool Cleaner

What is the next step?

Now you have read the review of Aquabot Junior robotic pool cleaner. This cleaner is a good automatic cleaner, so if you like it, now is the time to order one or two for you. If you are not sure about Aquabot Junior automatic cleaner, then you may take a look at other pool cleaner reviews at the reviews page, where I have reviews more models.