Aquabot Pool Rover Junior Review

To enjoy our time in pool we should all have a clean pool. Having a clean pool is not easy and it may cost us also a lot of money if we hire cleaning services to clean our pool completely. One of the best and cheapest way in the long term is by using automatic pool cleaners. There are available different pool cleaners, but today I will have a more in-depth look at the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior model. You will find what are the features of Aquabot Pool Rover Junior and more about the type & brand who is producing it. I have also found a video which reviews this pool sweeper and is talking about tips and tricks for this cleaner. To find more pool cleaner reviews please visit the homepage-

aquabot pool rover junior automatic pool cleaner

Quick Info:

Name: Aquabot (APRVJR) Pool Rover Junior
Type: Robotic Pool Cleaner
Price: Check here for price!
Rating: 3.6
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We have 3 different types of cleaner, but the Aquabot Pool Rover Junior cleaner which I’m reviewing here is a robotic pool cleaner. Robotic pool cleaners are the most advanced and new pool cleaners. They are different from traditional pool cleaners. They have some great features that traditional cleaners don’t have. They are really easy to set up. We just need to plug them into an outlet (GFCI protected) and put them in the water. Then you don’t need to worry about debris and dirt in your pool. The robotic cleaner will take care of it. It will climb the pool’s bottom, walls, and stairs. Why robotic cleaners are different from traditional cleaners? An amazing thing is that they work completely separated from the pool filter, so you don’t need to connect any hose. Another great thing is that they have their own built-in filtration system, so all the dirt goes there and you don’t need to worry about getting your pool’s system filter clogged. Most of them have a technology which makes them available to clean all sizes and shapes of pools.

I think to talk also about the company which is making Aquabot Pool Rover Junior. Aquabot is a brand which is based in the USA and they were the first who introduced the robotic pool cleaner in 1982. With years and years of work, they are always trying and presenting us with innovative ways, which will make our pools cleaner and healthier. They believe in clean water and protecting your family which is using the pool. They say they are the keepers of pure.

Product Features:

  • It’s an automatic pool cleaner with his own drive motor and filtration system.
  • Easy to set it up. Just plug it in, place it into your pool and leave it to do its job. It’s pre-programmed, so it will clean all the areas of your pool. You can use it on flat bottomed above ground pools which can be oval, rectangle or round.
  • It will remove also small algae and bacteria, besides other debris, dirt, and sand.
  • It also an energy efficient pool cleaner which will cost you just pennies a day.
  • Jet Age will help that this cleaner will a pool which medium-sized in an hour or less.

What do I think about Aquabot Pool Rover Junior cleaner?

This cleaner is an automatic robotic pool cleaner which is one of the advanced pool cleaners. I have reviewed many pool cleaners and I found that this is the best seller at the robotic pool cleaner. This may be because it has a lower price than others. If we look at its quality and ratings, we see that it’s lower than from some other robotic cleaners. My final conclusion is that this little machine is a good robotic cleaner, but if you want for really a top robotic cleaner you should take a look at some other higher priced models.

Review, Tips & Tricks for cleaner (video)

Here is the video which I mentioned in the beginning. Take a look and found some really good info about it.

Aquabot Pool Rover Jr. - Above Ground Pool Robotic Cleaner REVIEW

What to do now?

Now you have read the review of Aquabot Pool Rover Junior pool cleaner. If you like it, now is the time you order one or two. Aren’t sure about this cleaner? Then I recommend you look at other pool cleaner reviews at the review page where you can check for other models. Hope you like this article and you will share it with your friends.