Aquabot X4 Pool Cleaner Review

Do you want your pool entirely cleaned without breaking a sweat, then you have come to the right place. Introducing the automatic solution for your pool worries, automatic because that is how it works. The Aquabot X4 is your safe machine to get a crystal-clear pool with fewer chemicals. In this article, we are going to cover up why this tool is the best for you.

aquabot x4 pool cleaner review


Name: Aquabot X4
Type: Robotic Pool Cleaner
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Rating: 4.5
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Aquabot X4 pool cleaner not only makes your pool clean but also protects you and your family with a naturally healthy and totally cleaned pool. It is the leading pump in the industry that allows more circulation for the water and cleans more debris for a healthier pool, which means fewer chemicals are required and better water quality, not to forget money saving. The traditional cleaning methods consume more energy and the result they deliver is not even close to the result that Aquabot robotic cleaner gives. The pumps help water circulate up to eighty-five GPM and its developed filtration catches even down to 2 microns sized ones, which gives you totally clean water. Thus, say goodbye to worries about the pool, and just have fun. After all, that is what having the pool is all about!

The advanced micro-brush rotation cleans thoroughly every inch

Usually, just 1% of the pool contaminants get suspended in the pool. Our aim is to make your pool the cleanest possible, which is why robotic pool cleaners are made, to scrub every inch of the pool until it is wholly clean, from the floor to the waterline and in between. The micro-brush rotation agitates the pool surface and reduces the stickiness of debris, algae, bacteria, and dirt as it goes in motion, including even the waterline and walls where the yuck may build up.

The healthy, clean filtration

It utilizes ultra-fine filter baskets to catch debris, dirt, and fine particulate of the size down to two microns. It is a better filtration of water than most filters of drinking water, to provide the healthiest, cleanest water for your family and you. The Aquabot’s strong pumps can circulate up to eighty-five GPM to get the best mixing of the water in the whole industry to make sure the whole pool is cleaned. Having better filtration and better mixing results in cleaner water with fewer chemicals. And seeing that having a pool sweeper is about making your life simpler, evidently, the large filter basket can hold up to approximately 190 cubic inches for it to need cleaning. And you will be alerted when the cartridge reaches its full capacity by the control panel, then you will simply carry the basket from the Aquabot, wash it with the hose and finally replace.

With the anti-tangle swivel, no hassle, no tangle

The modern Anti-tangle swivel will make sure your pool is cleaned without stopping. The X4 is designed to run fully automatically. Say goodbye to untwisting cords halfway during the cleaning. The Aquabot runs through your whole pool using the anti-tangle swivel, to provide more effectiveness, and no hassle during the performance, which is not the case for other cleaners of the same class.

A 4 wheel drive made to climb and clean

It works on a 4WD system to clean your pool regardless of its shape. The effective yet strong drive system moves all the 4 of non-marring wheels with high-grip for higher traction on every surface, including tile. This cleaner is made to clean thoroughly the entire pool, with a straight degree floor of the pool to the wall minimal slipping and transitions as it moves on the walls.

A floating, extra-long and tangle free cable that reaches 60 foot

Aquabot X4 is equipped with a long sixty-foot cable that has the anti-tangle swivel, to smoothly move around the entire pool. A long cable will allow you to place your power supply anywhere you would like. And being tangle-free, you will enjoy without a hassle the automatic cleaning. Longer tangle-free technology means more reach and cleaning of your pool.

Easily programmable power supply

The easy to set control power of the power supply lets you manage your pool cleaning cycle conveniently. Set your preferred frequency of cleaning and duration. With already set parameters of 1, 1.5 and even 2 hours cleaning cycles, plus the timer of the Aquabot to run every 2, 3, or 4 days. Also, attaching an external timer to control the process for further than that is possible. And in case the filter needs to be cleaned, you shall be alerted on the power supply through an indicator on it. Aquabot runs effectively using just 180W, thus, you can save energy costs and clean your pool more often. On top of that, with the automatic nature of the Aquabot, you will not even need to lift your finger to get the cleanest pool.

High effectiveness with less money

This machine¬†doesn’t just give you the cleanest pool, but also saves your cash. Suction cleaners work off your pool pump, which adds more cost due to the energy spent, and adds more pump strain. Pressure-side cleaners need a pump that boosts and that will result in even more power consumption. On the other hand, Aquabot uses a low-voltage of the power supply, utilizing just 180W, to deliver the optimal energy and expenses saving. This results in more cleaning at a lower expense of 15x less compared to other cleaning machines. That being said, with its effective design and automatic running, money is not the only thing you will be saving, but also time, because it runs automatically and you will enjoy doing whatever you want while it is cleaning.

With its pool-mapping, no spot shall be missed

Aquabot X4 robotic cleaners AutoX mapping tech will measure your pool and identify its dimensions approximately, then chooses the best cleaning cycle for the pool. This works with all kinds of surfaces and moves through obstacles like ladders and stairs since it cleans the pool entirely. Simply put the Aquabot in the pool and it will do the work.

Above all, its design is user-friendly

The interface on its control panel is so simple, it lets you set the cycles of cleaning, receive notifications to replace the filter and even set the frequency of the cleaning. The equipped caddy allows the robot be transported conveniently, and also the floating cable and power supply.

A presentation video of the Aquabot X4

Check this video to know more about this cleaning beast.