Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 Review

Today, this post will cover some information on the automatic and robotic pool cleaner Dolphin Diagnostic 3001. Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 has been designed by Maytronics which has been in the pool cleaner market for many decades ensuring innovation and advanced technology integration as per the market needs. And when you have years of experience and various models to compare, it becomes more trustworthy and brings you confidence in the purchase. You will find different features, the difference between types of pool cleaners and in the end we have also found a video about this great pool cleaner in action!Dolphin Diagnostic 3001


Name: Dolphin Diagnostic 3001
Type: Robotic Pool Cleaner
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Rating: 4.8
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Are you tired of trying to keep your pool clean? Does it get dirty too early even after you spend an entire day cleaning it out? Then you are in the right place. What happens when you try to clean your pool manually? It takes too much effort and time. And the result is a tired you and a clean pool which you will have to clean again in a few days. You can choose to hire a person or a company to clean your pool but if you want to invest in something more trustworthy, and then why not buy a pool cleaner?

With too many pool cleaners available in the market, it can be very confusing when you are out there to buy one. And if you are a first-time pool cleaner buyer, then you definitely need to go through your first-hand research or you would be making a big mistake that will cost you money and efforts both few years down the line.

If you have a small pool, you might want to clean it yourself. There are manual pool cleaners available that are more like vacuum cleaners attached to a hose. They are capable of cleaning small and large debris. But this does need an investment of time and efforts. Then there came in technology to help you ease up the pool cleaning process. This brought in suction cleaners that come in cheap, pressure cleaners which are better in performance and little more expensive than the suction cleaners and the new age invention has introduced as to the automatic pool cleaners that run on electricity and are more like robots that work on their own.

You can find the difference between the above types of pool cleaners clearly in the video below to get a better understanding of the variations and also your need.

With different pool designs and obstacles like islands in the pools that make an attraction but can also make the cleaning process tiring. You may have spent an entire day cleaning the pool, but there would surely be some space left behind where your hands did not reach. This can lead to the formation of bacteria and algae in the area which can make the water harmful.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

If you want to save time and can afford some money on buying a pool cleaner, it is recommended to go for the automated robotic pool cleaners. They are easy to operate and faster in cleaning. With latest and advanced technologies incorporated, the new age robotic pool cleaners ensure that your pool will remain clean while you are relaxing in the sunshade. You will be able to enjoy the clean and sanitary water and be stress-free when you see your family and friends playing in the water.

With advanced features included and latest technology integrated, Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 is designed for beauty, agility, and efficiency. The energy saving design guarantees less energy consumption. With 6 hours of the cleaning cycle, you will find your pool clean, hygienic and shine in the sun. You may also choose the 4 hour cycle time for water filtering and pool scrubbing. With no installation steps, Dolphin Diagnostic 3001 is a plug and run the robotic device for your pool.


  • Scrubs floor, walls, and waterline area. CleverClean scanning technology ensures that no space is left unscrubbed.
  • Filters water of dust and debris. The advanced filtration technology ensures that less chemical is used in the water and reduced the need to backwash the pool filter. This makes the water cleaner and hygienic.
  • Large filter bags easily collect debris and dirt.
  • Efficient cleaning and complete pool coverage
  • Obstacle getaway.
  • Swivel cable avoids a tangled mess in the cable.
  • Consumes less power.
  • Mechanism to protect the motor in case of water shortage or power overload.
  • Auto shut-off by the end of cycle time.
  • Twenty-four months warranty on all parts of the pool cleaner.
  • Includes caddy cart for easy movement of the cleaner.


  • UPC: 852669622129
  • SKU: 9999326-BL4
  • POOL TYPE: In Ground and Above Ground
  • VOLTAGE: 115V
  • CLEANING AREA: Floor, Walls, and Waterline
  • BOOSTER PUMP: Not Required
  • POOL SURFACE: All Surfaces
  • POOL SIZE: Up to 60′
  • CLEANING CYCLE: 6 hours
  • WARRANTY: 1 year bumper-to-bumper
  • SUCTION RATE: 4,233gal/hour

What is included with Dolphin Diagnostic 3001?

  • 1 x Dolphin Diagnostic 3001
  • 1 x Fine and ultra fine porosity filter bag (50 microns)
  • 1 x Caddy

Robotic pool cleaners work on their own and run on electricity. A user can set the cycle time and do some other work rather than keep an eye on the cleaner. Once turned on, this cleaner move in the water and the CleverClean scanning technology helps the machine to scan its surrounding area to track any part that has to be scrubbed or cleaned. So how does all of this help you?

  • Less or no effort
  • Faster cleaning
  • Time-saving
  • Less power consumption
  • One time investment with very little maintenance

Awesome pool cleaner in action

With new and new products launched in the market, you always tempt for things that bring you comfort and convenience. Like any other electronic equipment in the house that saves you time and energy, an automatic robotic pool cleaner will surely replace your manual cleaner in one-time use and you will never look back on doing it manually ever again.

You can make the purchase online or request a demo from the Dolphin service centers. The warranty is applicable only in the country that the product is bought from.