Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner Review

If you are here to look for the best pool cleaner, you came to the right place. Using robotic pool cleaners is the answer to your hours spent in cleaning the pool. Cleaning all the dirt and debris off your pool without requiring you to move a muscle. Now, we are going to introduce to you one of the best robotic cleaners in the industry. This is Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner. It is totally automatic cleaner and saves you the trouble of cleaning on your own. So stay tuned to see its brand, feature, and last but not least an illustration video that shows you the magnificent machine.

dolphin premier robotic pool cleaner


Name: Maytronics Dolphin Premier
Type: Robotic Pool Cleaner
Price: Check price here
Rating: 4.8
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The Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner may be little, but it does wonders. It can challenge any cleaner whether it is electronic or human and will beat them every time. It’s is special and different than your normal pool cleaners. Endless hours of developing and research were put into creating it to make the ultimate cleaner that leaves no spot uncleaned, step or crevice unattended, which is a big advantage considering many other cleaners cannot do the job as good as this.

Some of the practical features this innovative invention shall bring you

The fact that it cleans so well is not the only cool thing about it. It will eventually pay for itself in a while, in case you clean your pool 3 – 5 times every week which is the recommended number of times. People usually clean their pool once a week and some even once a month. Just imagine how cleaner your pool would get with 2 or 3 cleanings every week.

You don’t have to climb walls because it does that

Almost all the water-fouling and debris contaminants in the pool are found in the walls and the floor stuck, not floating at the bottom. Some of them contain biofilm, algae, and bacteria. Have you seen how some walls of the pool feel rough or even slippery? That is due to the stuck of one of the components already mentioned. Fortunately, Those dirty spots aren’t safe from this awesome cleaner, because it reaches them all and more.

Your pool shall sparkle with his awesome brushes.

The Maytronics Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner is made to be able to really climb all the walls of the pool, it scrubs all the buildups as it moves until it reaches the waterline. This makes all of your pool clean, not just its horizontal surface. A lot of effort was put by engineers into it, so it will be able to achieve this feature. Thus, they created a design that is innovative and capable not only of climbing walls using the rubber tracks hyper grip, unlike the wheels. These tracks give better control and remove the slippery of the surface, and above all that it conserves the energy during the process.

Brush your responsibilities away

Rid yourself of the responsibility and give it to your Dolphin. You will see that the Dolphin makes a difference for both you and your pool. It has the PowerClean mechanism, that lets the dual brushes of high RPM go deeper (without causing any scours or scratch), brushing the algae and grime to remove it and dispose of it. Most bacteria, biofilm, and algae get stuck in the pool walls, so it is crucial to tackling these issues regularly to keep your pool healthy and clean. There is a limit to what chemicals like chlorine and others can do. On the other hand, it will scrub every spot of the pool effectively and relentlessly. With cleaner surface, your water quality will not be affected and the pool cleanness will last longer with way less effort and maintenance.

It navigates intelligently

Using SmartNav, the Robotic Scanning, the Dolphin can identify where it cleaned already and decides his next destination to go. It has a built-in program that helps it to identify the best efficient cleaning route and calculate each pass. Thus, it makes sure that the pool is cleaned thoroughly in every inch. Not to forget that this Cleaner cleans twice as fast as the traditional cleaning machines.


Did you notice before the build-up that sticks to the surface of the waterline? It is almost impossible to clean that slimy pile from the tile and waterline using the traditional cleaning machines. However, using this great machine, you can say goodbye to frustration. It has Ballasts of dual control, which is specially designed for this, as it helps it to keep its place on the wall without efforts. Indeed, getting rid of those troublesome dirty spots has never been easier.

It never tangles

This model does not tangle. Honestly, it is tangle free due to the cautiously designed 360 swivel that maintains its tangling-free and ensures it doesn’t tangle on its own cord. It is so tiresome when you have to untwist the pool cleaner from its own cord. This feature also lets the Dolphin clean thoroughly even in tight spots and hard corners that even manual brushing struggles with.

Less energy, more power

The original cleaner for pools, which was made in 1974 using the AC motor is still used until now, the power it uses is 1470 watts. In other words, that is similar to 36.75 lamps of 40 watt bulbs in, which costs approximately 40 cents per hour. It doesn’t look much but you’ll run your cleaner for an average of 6 hours a day, which means you’ll multiply that by 6,  and that is about 10$ per week just for electricity concerning cleaning the pool. On the other hand, it uses only 180 watts per hour with an ultra-efficient motor (DC), which uses 87% less power than the AC motor. Thus, it’ll cost only 5 cents an hour to function, and approximately 15 cents for the whole session.

You don’t have to do it yourself

The brush of the cleaner is easily changeable and you can do it yourself. If you had a vacuum with a brush bar you certainly know the frustration of having to change it, since it is hard to change. So you don’t have to worry about it with this awesome pool cleaner.

You don’t have to babysit it

It can be set to run in an automatic way, so you don’t need to bother setting it every time, or turn it off and on. This is a huge advantage since it can do the cleaning while you’re off to your business, work, or doing whatever you like.

A presentation video of the Dolphin Premier Pool Cleaner

Here you can check for yourself the power of this amazing machine

Dolphin Premier Robotic Pool Cleaner