Hayward 500 AquaBug Pool Cleaner Review

Cleaning the pool can be really hard and time-consuming. We can clean pools by ourselves, we can put in different chemicals or we can call a cleaning service to clean it for us, but this can be really expensive. One of the effective and long term ways to clean the pool is by using the automatic pool cleaners, which do all the hard work for us and will clean the pool without our help. We have different types and models of pool cleaners, but today I will talk about Hayward 500 AquaBug pool cleaner. You will find what are the features that make Hayward 500 AquaBug cleaner good. I have also found a video about a consumer who is using and commenting on the Hayward 500 AquaBug pool cleaner. You can check other detailed reviews at this page.

hayward 500 aqua bug

Quick Info:

Name: Hayward 500 AquaBug
Type: Suction Side Pool Cleaner
Price: Check the price here!
Rating: 4.0
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We have different types of pool cleaners, but this cleaner takes part at suction side pool cleaners. Suction side cleaners are traditional cleaners and one of the first automatic pool cleaners. They are really easy to set up. We just need to attach them to the pool plumbing with a hose and put them in the water, for other things, the cleaner will take care. They will move around the pool’s bottom and climb the walls, so the pool will be completely cleaned. Where does all the dirt go? All the unwanted debris and dirt goes straight through the hose into the pool’s filter. I have one thing to add here. Because all the dirt goes straight to the pool filter I suggest you order a leaf canister if you have a pool which contains bigger debris.

Let’s move on and talk a little bit about the brand which is making Hayward 500 AquaBug model. The company which is making this cleaner is Hayward. Hayward is a company which is focusing on making people time in pool’s more enjoyable and this is why they are working hard and smart to give out new innovative products. They are making products which are efficient, require like maintenance work and are a long term investment.

Product Features

  • You will never worry again to clean pool by yourself because this cleaner provides easy and trouble-free operation.
  • There is no need to empty or replace the filter bag because it works with your existing pool filter. You also don’t need an extra boost pump which leads to more energy efficient product.
  • It is really easy to set it up, so you will install it in less than 10 minutes including connecting the hoses.
  • With this cleaner, your water will more circulate and will be cleaner. It’s a small smart little machine which will clean your pool so it will shine.

What do I think about Hayward 500 AquaBug pool cleaner?

This cleaner belongs to suction side pool cleaner family which are traditional and a lot used cleaners today. This cleaner is popular because it is really cheap for how he completes his job. It’s really a great pool cleaner for such price.

Consumer report and cleaner in action video

Here is the video which I have mentioned in the beginning. Take a look at the Hayward 500 AquaBug pool cleaner at work and what the consumer say about this little machine.

What is the next step?

Don’t know what to do next? Now you have read the review of Hayward 500 AquaBug automatic pool cleaner. If you like this cleaner, now is the time you order one or two for yourself. If you are not sure, you can look at other automatic pool cleaner reviews at reviews page, where I mentioned more models which may be interesting for you.