Hayward Aquanaut 200 Review

Enjoying our time in the pool is great, but taking care of the pool is not great and it can take us a lot of time. We should find a thing that can help us and this is for sure automatic pool cleaners which will clean the pool instead of us. There available different models, brands and types of pool cleaners, but today I will talk about Hayward Aquanaut 200 pool cleaner. You will find more about the type and the brand of this and of course also about the features of Hayward Aquanaut 200 cleaner which make it different from other cleaners. I have also found a video review of Hayward Aquanaut 200, where you find even more things.Hayward Aquanaut 200 pool cleaner

Quick Info:

Name: Hayward PHS21CST Aquanaut 200
Type: Suction Side Pool Cleaner
Price: Check the price here!
Rating: 4.3
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What type is Hayward Aquanaut 200 pool cleaner? It is a suction side pool cleaner. Suction side pool cleaners are used a lot with old pool’s which have a separated port just for the pool cleaner. To get them to work, we have to attach them with a hose to the pool’s plumbing and put them into the water. They will take for the rest. All the dirt and debris will go straight through the hose into the system filter. They are perfect for pools with smaller debris and dirt. If you have a pool with larger debris, I recommend using a leaf canister for reducing the possibility of getting your pool’s filter clogged. They will move on the pool’s floor, they will climb walls and clean all the dirt and debris we want to get rid of.

What about the brand which is making this great cleaner? The brand is called Hayward which is a very recognizable brand for pool cleaners and other pool things. The Hayward Company is trying to make your pool time without any worries and that is why they are working hard to make smart products which will last longer and make your pool clean without having any troubles. They are trying to make a product which is energy efficient, require low maintenance and are a great investment.

Product Features

  • It’s a 2 wheel automatic pool cleaner with which will take care for complete clean. With his powerful suction and innovative technologies is a great cleaner which can clean all pool terrains.
  • Great technology called V-Flex help for maximum suction power and will take care of any type of dirt and debris at any flow without getting clogged.
  • Roller skirt helps that it will have a constant suction even on none even surfaces.
  • Its steering sequences are pre-programmed and will take care, so all parts of your pool will be cleaned.
  • You can also use it for speed pumps.
  • Really easy to use and set up.

What do I think about Hayward Aquanaut 200 Pool Cleaner?

Hayward Aquanaut is one of most completed suction side pool cleaners. I had also a look at different reviews and look at ratings and found out that it has a really great rating, which is also an indicator of the quality of this product.

Video review of this great cleaner and tips

Here is the video I talked about at the beginning of this post. Take a look and see how this cleaner looks like in real life, not just in pictures.

Next step is?

You have come to end of the Hayward Aquanaut 200 review! Do you like it? Then you should order one for yourself now! If you don’t like it, take a look at other automatic pool cleaners at the reviews page, for more models and different types. Hope you like this post and you will share it around.