Hayward Poolvergnuegen The PoolCleaner Review

Today I’ll talk and discuss Hayward Poolvergnuegen The PoolCleaner. As it name says, it is a product made for cleaning pools. This Pool Vacuum belongs to the suction side cleaner’s family. In this post I will tell you what are the features of this product, so you will better recognize it.Hayward Poolvergnuegen The PoolCleaner

Quick info:

Name: The PoolCleaner
Type: Suction side pool cleaner
Price: Check the price here!
Rating: 4.3
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The PoolCleaner vacuum is in the suction pool cleaner type of pool sweepers. This is a type of cleaners are moving around the pool’s bottom, walls and they are vacuuming all the debris and dirt. They don’t need an extra boost pump as pressure pool cleaners do. All we have to do is attach them to the pool’s plumbing. They can be attached to the separated port or the skimmer. Suction side pool cleaners are sucking the dirt and all the things that should not be in the pool. If you have a pool with a lot of leaves and flower you should get a leaf canister to prevent clogging the pool filter system.

This pool cleaner was made from the company POOLVERGNUEGEN which essentially means pool pleasure. Their team, The PoolCleanerâ„¢ works like that it creates POOLVERGNUEGEN for you (pool pleasure)

Their primary goal is to use high-quality materials to create high-quality products which will work fine for years. The cleaner was made with the help of years of experience with pools. Besides that, I have to mention also that it is made in the USA.

Product features

Now let’s get to the product features and talk what the cleaner can do.

  • Let’s begin with this that it uses the existing filter and pump of the pool for energy.
  • We have to plug it in the skimmer or the separated port.
  • What makes this pool cleaner unique is that it has a self-adjusting turbine with which maximizes the flow of water.
  • Like the adjusting turbine, it has also adjustable paddle wheel with blades. Because of this the cleaner can still move and work at low pressure and low suction.
  • Inside it has also the steering system which allows the suction side cleaner to move to reverse the left wheel when it needs. It has programmed 5 different ways of turning from 90 to 450 degrees. This feature allows the cleaner to move all around the pool. Because of this, you can use this cleaner with all shapes of pool.
  • The next thing we have to mention is robust tire treads which allows the cleaner to climb easily around. What is also good are the humps (raised treads) at front tires, which allows the cleaner to pass any obstacles such as the main drain or uneven surfaces.
  • Another great thing is the adjustable skirts which are made to obtain for optimal suction when the cleaner encounter one or more obstacles.

What I have to mention is also that we have two types of The PoolCleaner. We have the 2 wheel cleaner which is made for small and medium sized pools. The second one is the 4 wheel pool cleaner which is made for a larger pool, lap pool, diving pool.

What I think about Hayward Poolvergnuegen The PoolCleaner

I think that The PoolCleaner vacuum is one of the best if not the best item from the suction side pool cleaner. There are really a lot of people who use it and say just good things about it. It is a great product which does its job perfectly. It has also a fancy and modern design which looks perfectly in the pool. If I touch the price, I have to say that it is an affordable item. If we take a look at some other pool cleaners we can easily also say that is cheap against them, because some have a price of 1000$ and more. However, it’s a great automatic pool cleaner which does an amazing job with this kind of price.

Tips & Tricks

I have also found a video about some tips and tricks you can use with this swimming machine.

What now?

Now, if you want more information about pool cleaners, you can look at other reviews which talk about different types of cleaners. If you want to look at more information about specific models of pool sweepers visit the reviews page. However, I think I have told quite a lot of things about The PoolCleaner, so if you like it is the time order a pair or two for you, so the pool will be clean.