Intex Auto Pool Cleaner Review

Summer is on its way which means pool parties! Even though pool parties are fun but cleaning the pools afterward is too much of a hassle. There are many things you would rather be doing than maintaining your pool. If you have an above ground Intex pool, then one miracle product for you is the Intex auto pool cleaner. This cleaner will do all the work for you so that you don’t have to break a sweat.intex auto pool cleaner


Name: Intex Auto Pool Cleaner
Type: Suction side pool cleaner
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Rating: 3.8
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Intex is the market leader of above ground pools and cleaner, so you know you are getting the best of the best. This intex above ground pool vacuum
is attached by screwing the hose adaptor to the hose connection in your Intex pool. The cleaner gets rid of debris and dust by using the pressure of the water that is pumped back into the pool. This cleaner is a pressure-side cleaner rather than a suction-side pool cleaner.

The company recommends a filter pump that has a flow rate between 1,200 GPH to 3,500 GPH. Some frequent users have pointed out that a flow rate of 1,200 GPH might be too small. Thus, it is better if you consider purchasing a pump that has a flow rate of at least 2,500 GPH. Alternatively, you may also use a sand filter pump.

One important thing to note is that this automatic pool cleaner can only be used for Intex pools. You can also use this cleaner for other pools provided you purchase an adaptor that will fit into the return line of that pool. But that is too much of a hassle. For non-Intex swimming pools, consider the Zodiac Ranger Cleaner or the Hayward Aquabug Cleaner. Moreover, this cleaner is primarily made for above ground pools. It will not work for inground swimming pools. So if you have an inground pool, this cleaner is not for you.

intex auto pool cleaner in poolAnother thing to keep in account is the size of the pool that this cleaner will facilitate. The hose that comes with the Intex cleaner is 24 feet in length. If you have a round above ground pool, then the maximum size that this cleaner can assist is 24 feet. However, if you have a rectangular shaped pool, then the maximum pool size for this cleaner to work properly is 18 feet.

The biggest benefit that lies within Intex Auto Pool Cleaner model
is that it cleans sand and debris from the pool floor. However, it will not clean all but most of the debris. The way it works is that the Intex automatic pool cleaner has a compact brush under the cleaner base that sweeps the entire pool floor. Debris is also removed by blowing the unwanted remains into its designated nest by using the water pressure jet.

The debris net needs to be rinsed and cleaned properly one a week. If not then the cleaner will stop working. Apart from this, the cleaner features a skimmer basket that traps and removes the floating sand and debris. Furthermore, the pool pump filter also adds to the cleaning process by removing the dirt and sand floating in the pool water. Just like the debris net, the skimmer basket and pool pump filter need to be cleaned at least once a week for a smoother performance.

One important thing to note is that the Intex automatic pool cleaner will only work on smooth surfaces. This is because the cleaner includes four small plastic wheels and they can only work on a smooth pool bottom. These small wheels are not powered, so the vinyl liner will be spin and scratch free. These wheels may stop moving if wrinkles are present in your Intex pool.

For the features this cleaner offers, the overall price is very reasonable. So you are getting a great deal. If looking solely at the appearance, the cleaner looks nothing short of a robotic device. The dimensions of this cleaner are 13.4 x 12.2 x 23.4 inches, and it weighs around 15.3 pounds.

The Intex automatic pool vacuum is comparatively portable than other cleaners. So you can lend it to your friends if they also have an Intex above ground pool. Intex products are known for their affordability and long life. So this investment will last you a long time, and there will be minimum wear and tear.


  • Dimensions are 13.4 x 12.2 x 23.4 inches
  • Weighs 15.3 pounds
  • Pressure-side pool cleaner
  • Fully automated
  • Requires filter pump with a flow rate between 1,200 GPH to 3,500 GPH
  • For Intex pools only
  • For above ground pools only
  • 4 small wheels
  • Hose have a total height of 24 feet
  • Small brush
  • Debris net
  • Skimmer basket
  • Pool pump filter


  • Affordable
  • Portable
  • Cleans debris and sand
  • Fully automated


  • Not applicable for inground pools
  • Not applicable for no-Intex pools
  • The debris net, skimmer basket, and pool pump filter needs thorough cleaning frequently
  • The small wheels may not work if pool has wrinkles
  • Will only work on smooth surfaces
  • Not useful for people who have round pools more than 24 feet size and rectangular pools more than 18 feet size

Video of this cleaner in action


The Intex auto pool cleaner for above ground pools is a great deal for all the busy people out there. Let’s be honest; no one has time to clean their pools especially in the scorching summer heat. This is where this cleaner comes in play. If you own an Intex above ground pool, then this cleaner will automatically vacuum the entire pool area.

Debris will be sucked into the debris net, and the small brush in its cleaner base will clean the entire pool floor. The skimmer basket and pool pump filter will remove the sand and dirt floating in the water. However, it will not remove all of the rubbish.

It is recommended that you hand pick the large objects polluting the pool water. The four small wheels move the cleaner around but it may get stuck in wrinkles so make sure there are no wrinkles in your pool. Overall, this is an excellent automatic cleaner.