Kreepy Krauly Great White Pool Cleaner Review

Summers are everyone’s favorite season because of snow cones, summer break, and pool parties. Pool parties are a great way to escape the scorching summer heat while still enjoying and making memories with friends and family. Anyone who owns a pool knows it gets dirty in a matter of minutes. Maintaining and cleaning a pool is such a tiring and hectic job that frankly no one has time for. This is where pool cleaners are of great help. One excellent example is the Kreepy Krauly Great White Pool Cleaner which preys on dirt and debris. Keep on reading to find out if this cleaner is a hit or miss. If you are interested in other sweepers you can visit this page.great white pool cleaner


Name: Kreepy Krauly Great White Pool Cleaner GW9500
Type: Suction side pool cleaner
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Rating: 4.4
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The Great White Pool Cleaner is a suction-side cleaner. This cleaner is manufactured for in ground pools, irrespective of its surface. Even though this cleaner has been designed for in ground pools, some users have commented that it is equally good for above ground pools. It cleans all the dirt, debris and sand through its pool cleaner heads which include bristles which lightly brushes away the unwanted remaining. It has an oscillator that moves it around the pool floor.

Before I mention how this cleaner helps in pool maintenance, you need to decide that your pool works in harmony with this respective cleaner. If your pool’s vinyl liner is damaged, then this cleaner is not for you. Make sure that there are no small objects under the vinyl liner. If you own a pool that is filled with tiles, then check for any broken or loose tiles.

clean pool with great white cleanerIf you find any, repair or replace them before using the cleaner on the pool surface. Keep in mind that this cleaner will not be able to clean an extremely dirty pool, say at the start of the summer season.

When cleaning the pool with this, pick the large objects by hand. This pool sweeper should not be used under a solar cover. Another important thing to note is that this respective cleaner will not clean pool steps; it will only clean the pool floor. You would have to clean the pool steps by yourself.

This cleaner has dimensions of 41.5 x 19 x 7 inches, and it weighs 18.8 pounds. Thus, this is not really portable and mobile. The price of this pool cleaner is reasonable. In addition to the affordability, you also get 2 years limited manufacturer warranty. So if there are any defects, you can get it repaired for free.

One drawback is that big leaves, and large objects will get stuck in the cleaner’s suction which will stop the cleaner from working. Keep in mind to switch off the cleaner before taking out the leaves and objects from the cleaner’s suction to avoid physical injury. The solution to this problem is to invest in a clear leaf trap canister. The canister has its bag to store large leaves, debris, and objects before it reaches the filter basket of the pump. The mesh bag provides extra storage so you can clean more in one go. The mesh bag is also easier to clean rather than the cleaner’s pool pump.

Not only does this cleaner well clean but that too quickly. In one single go, the Great White Pool Cleaner can remove dirt and debris up to 15 inches. This cleaner also features a unique turning mechanism that enables it to clean in all the crooks and corners of the pool.

Its vacuum port is spring loaded which not only increases safety but makes sure that nothing large gets stuck in the cleaner’s hose. Another feature is the bristle drives that leads to an oscillating vortex. The cleaner, as a result, will be able to clean and scrub while vacuuming up the debris in the pool.

This pool cleaner moves forward and backward through the suction power. You will not have to change batteries frequently or risk of getting current by plugging it in. Even though this cleaner effectively cleans the deepest parts of the pool but seldom does in the shallow end of the pool.


  • Dimension are 41.5 x 19 x 7 inches
  • Weighs 18.8 pounds
  • Cleaning path of 15 inches
  • Vacuum regulator valve manually adjusts suction power of the cleaner
  • Attached to the pool’s skimmer so that there is a standard installation
  • Suction-side cleaner
  • For in ground as well as above ground pools
  • Can be used in pools of multiple companies
  • 2-year warranty is given by the manufacturer
  • Requires 4 to 6 hours for cleaning
  • Unique turning mechanism
  • The vacuum port is spring loaded
  • Bristle drive
  • Moves forward and backward through suction power


  • Affordable
  • 2 years manufacturer warranty given
  • Will work on both in-ground and above ground pools
  • Easy to assemble and install
  • Bristles drives cleans and scrubs and at the same time vacuums the debris away
  • Cleaning path of 15 inches
  • No plug ins or battery required
  • Works on multiple textures


  • Takes 4 – 6 hours to clean completely
  • Pool may require some fixing up before cleaner is operated
  • Big leaves and large objects can easily get stuck in the cleaner’s suction
  • Clear leaf trap canister may be required
  • Will not clean pool steps
  • Seldom cleans the shallow side of the pool
  • Needs a great deal of time to adjust its suction power correctly

Look at Kreepy Krauly great white pool cleaner review video and in action cleaning


This is an affordable cleaner that works in both inground and above ground pools. A 2-year warranty is given to avoid any unfavorable situations. While the cleaner has many good features, it also has many drawbacks that need consideration.

The cleaning path of 15 inches is impressive, and the bristle drives scrub and cleans the floor while vacuuming the debris away. However, the cleaning time is anywhere from 4 hours to 6 hours which is a lot. The cleaner in itself is heavy and not portable. The Great White Pool Cleaner only cleans the pool floor. It does not clean the pool steps which you would have to clean yourself.