Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner Review

Do you have a pool that is made for pressure side cleaners? Then you probably need automatic pressure side cleaners, which will take care, so the pool will shine without your work. Today I will talk about the Polaris 360 pool cleaner which is one of the most popular pool cleaners. In this post, you will find more about the type of the cleaner and what features it has, which makes it good and popular among pool owners. After reading this, I’m sure you will know it much better than now. You can find here all the details about pool vacuums.

polaris 360 vac sweep cleaner

Quick info

Type: Pressure side cleaner
Name: Polaris Vac-Sweep 360
Price: Check the price here!
Rating: 4.4
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Polaris 360 Vac Sweep pool cleaner is made the Zodiac brand. Zodiac brand produces all 3 types of pool cleaners, which are robotic pool cleaners, suction side, and pressure side pool cleaners. Zodiac is a brand which is making pool cleaners which will make your pool clean with just pennies per day because they need less energy. They say they are making cleaners for a better life. The Polaris pool cleaners are known all over the world because they were enjoying 40 years as the top-selling automatic pressure cleaner.

Now I will move to the type of this cleaner. Polaris 360 Vac Sweep belongs to pressure side automatic cleaners. Pressure pool cleaners were used a lot with pools which have built pressure side port, while today’s most cleaners have suction side port. They work like this that they use the pressure of the water to which gets back to the pool and it’s vacuumed into the pool system. Some of the debris goes straight to the filter bag which is attached next to the cleaner. The bag is a good thing because with it you reduce the possibility of clogging the pool system filter. They are great for pools with a lot of debris. Most of these type of cleaners also require a separated boost pump.

Product features

  • It can normally work in all in-ground pools.
  • What is great about it, is that it doesn’t need a separate pump, while most of the other pressure cleaners need.
  • With the all-wheel drive and triple jet cleaning technology can clean all the surfaces in the pool.
  • It also easy to connect to sweeps and pressure line.
  • The filter bag attached to the cleaner collects bigger debris like pebbles and leaves. This bag is great because is great for your pool filter system which has fewer possibilities to get clogged.
  • If the pool sweeper gets cornered, don’t worry, because it has the in-line backup valve which will automatically set free the cleaner.


You can find Manual of this product here.

What do I think about Polaris 360 Pool Cleaner?

Well, this cleaner is one of the most popular cleaners around the world and the Polaris model was the top selling pool cleaner for 40 years, which shows only one thing. The quality of the cleaner. It also has a unique design and it is the most known automatic cleaner in pressure side family.

Here are some tips & trick you can use (video)

Take a look at video review and also some tips & tricks you can use with Polaris Vac Sweep 360.

Polaris 360 Setup, Review & Tips

What now?

Now you have read all about Polaris pool cleaner 360. If you like it, then now is the time to order a pair or two. If you want more automatic cleaner reviews about specific models, visit the reviews page.