Polaris 380 Pool Cleaner Review

One good way to clean pools is by using automatic pool cleaners, which do all the work for us. They take care of all the debris and dirt in the pool. We have different pool cleaners available on the market, so it’s maybe hard to decide which one is good. Today I will talk about the Polaris 380 pool cleaner. You will find out what are the features which make this cleaner unique and better than others. I have also written about the type of this cleaner and about the brand which is producing this model. In the end, you can also find a video when Polaris 380 is in action.

polaris 380 vac sweep pressure side pool cleaner

Quick info:

Name: Polaris 380 Vac Sweep
Type: Pressure Side Pool Cleaner
Price: Check the price here!
Rating: 4.4
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We have 3 types of pool cleaners, but this cleaner belongs to the pressure side cleaners. Pressure side pool cleaners are cleaners which are and were used a lot. They suit perfectly for pool owners which have built a separated port for the cleaner. We can also separate these cleaners in two parts. Ones are pressure cleaners with boost pump and others are without. They are cleaning debris and dirt by using the pressure of the water. It is also easy to set them up, you just have to attach them with a hose to pool’s port. Some of the debris goes right to the pool’s filter through the hose and some go to the bag attached to the cleaner. In this bag are mostly going big parts (leaves, flowers…) and this is great because you reduce the chance of getting your pool filter clogged.

Let’s move on and talk about the brand which is making Polaris 380 Vac Sweep pressure side pool cleaner. The brand is called Polaris, which also takes a part in cleaner’s name. Polaris is a very recognizable brand all around the world and it was also a top-selling brand for pressure side cleaners for more than 40 years. I have also to mention that Polaris is a part of also big know Zodiac brand.

Product Features

  • This cleaner will work in all in-ground and needs a booster pump.
  • With its three wheels and all-wheel belt drive technology, you will clean your pool faster and with better vacuum power.
  • It will scrub, sweep and vacuum all the areas in your pool.
  • Great item is the filter bag attached to the cleaner where all the larger debris goes, which reduces the chances of getting your filter clogged. Actually, it reduces up to 80% of getting the filter clogged which leads to a longer life of your filter.
  • Don’t worry about getting this cleaner cornered. Its back up valve will automatically take care that it will continue cleaning.


You can find this cleaner’s manual at this link. Manual is a great way for troubleshooting problems which occur.

What do I think About Polaris 380 Vac Sweep pressure pool cleaner?

After looking at ratings I found out that this cleaner has really high ratings and good reviews comparing them to other automatic pool cleaners. This is for sure a good sign of the quality of this cleaner. It’s also made by Polaris brand which is trusted and recognized. What I most like on it is that filter bag which reduces the chances of getting your filter clogged.

Here is the cleaner in action!

Here is the video which I have mentioned at the beginning of this post. Take a look at this pool sweeper in action.

Robot Polaris 380 : Nettoyeur piscine sur pression 3 jets venturi

What is the next step?

You have now come to the end of the review of Polaris 380 Vac Sweep pressure side pool cleaner. If you like it, now is the time you take action and order the good Polaris Pool Cleaner 380. If you are not sure, you can look at other automatic pool cleaners at the reviews page where I have listed more models of different types of cleaners which you can read. Hope you like this post and you will share it around.