Solar Breeze NX Pool Skimmer Review

The Solar Breeze NX Pool Skimmer is a new type of robotic pool cleaner that will free up your time and save you money.  If you own a pool, you don’t want to spend all of your time cleaning it. You want to enjoy swimming and cooling off in a crystal clear pool.  Robotic pool cleaners make owning a pool much easier because they can remove a lot of the dirt and debris from your pool while you relax.

In this review, you will learn about the brand and the outstanding features of this solar-powered pool robot. I am also including a video at the end of the review so you can see the Solar Breeze NX in action.

Solar Breeze NX automatic pool skimmer


Name: Solar Breeze NX
Type: Solar-Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer
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Rating: 4.7
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This is robotic pool cleaner that works in your pool around the clock.  It’s different from other robotic pool cleaners because it is solar-powered.

It runs completely off of the sun’s energy.  It is also different because it is a robotic pool skimmer.  Instead of cleaning up debris and dirt that has sunk to the bottom of the pool, it catches it right away on the surface of the water. It also dispenses chlorine from tablets stored in the cleaning unit.

This robotic pool cleaner stores solar energy so it can keep working in your pool through the night. This keeps your pool sparkling clean and also saves you money on energy costs.  With this cleaner constantly skimming your pool, you can cut down on the amount of time you run your pool filtration system. This can result in big energy savings.

The Solar-Breeze NX is made by Solar Pool Technologies.  This innovative company’s goal is to cut down on energy consumption by using solar-powered products that make life easier.


This cleaner is equipped with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery which is charging in the sunlight during the daytime. As a result, the unit will operate for hours after sundown, keeping your pool’s surface clean.

There are no cords, hoses or attachments required. Simply place the Solar Breeze NX in your pool, and turn the switch to the “ON” position. It operates automatically.

Because most debris stays on the surface of the pool for several hours, this pool skimmer removes 90-95% of all debris, including leaves, pollen, dust and even suntan oils from the surface and prevents it from falling into the bottom of your pool.

The rear paddle wheel powers the unit through the water, while the front paddle wheel scoops the surface debris and film into the collection tray on the underside of the unit.

The powered “Bumper Wheels” on the front corners of the Solar Breeze rotate the unit each time it hits a pool wall. The onboard computer triggers a reverse navigation procedure when the unit is stuck on an obstacle, causing it to back away from the obstacle and move forward in a different direction.

It can carry a maximum of two 3″ (Jumbo) solid chlorine tablets in its Chemical Dispenser that will slowly dissolve as it navigates around the pool.


This amazing robot saves pool owners time and money.  Because it catches debris before it sinks and decays, the pool stays cleaner without the cost of running the filtration system or other pool vacuums and cleaners.  It does not cost anything to

It does not cost anything to run because it operates completely on solar power.  The navigation features allow the robot to cover the entire surface of the pool to clean and disperse chlorine.

This helps to prevent algae in the pool.  The Solar-Breeze NX is easy to maintain.  You just need to clean out the collection tray every few days and check the chlorine tablets. Best of all, you don’t have to spend hours hand skimming the pool.


Here is the video presentation of this solar powered pool vacuum in action.  Watch how this hard-working robot skims the pool continually to keep it sparkling clean.

Introducing Solar-Breeze NX


Hopefully, this Solar Breeze Pool Skimmer review helped you find out more about this model and has answered your questions. This solar-powered robot can really help you keep your pool cleaner by catching debris before it sinks. Compare this robot to other robotic pool cleaner reviews on my page for more information.